The big challenge in life is to become centered within the flow of our daily lives exactly as they are. Escaping to retreats, climbing to mountaintops, meditating on the beach are luxuries that while wonderful are rarities (if ever!) Instead, life is filled with ______ (fill in the blank with the never ending list of ‘To-dos,’ incessant demands, one-after-another crises, etc.) that constitute a normal, everyday life.

Since everyday life IS life…and this is never going to change, or at least not while we’re alive, if we want to say sane & healthy (and we do!) we need to practice observation to maintain our peace…and minds or a piece of our minds!

Observation (v) isn’t doing nothing. It’s a very active process of choosing to watch (Key word: ‘watch’…not ‘feel’…not ‘internalize’) the chaos around us. To notice the rapidity, rigidity, frustrations, emotions, tensions & bouts of anger of those around us that take us out of our centered zone.

It takes lots of practice! And, it’s a test we will each fail many times. However, like most things in life, the more we practice observing others — instead of reacting, commenting, getting upset & all those other responses that take us away from peace— the better we get at maintaining our own balance, peace, center and understanding of others. Rather than internalizing the emotions of others or a situation—we can learn to ‘see differently’ and maybe even understand that the moment is just a flurry of ‘e-motions’ or energy in motion that can be watched, learned from, seen…but does not necessarily require our response.

When I can shelve my ego (which I admit is hard…) and just observe, resisting my deep urge to tell everyone what I think about them, their actions or thoughts, a situation, or whatever is happening — the better I feel. I fail plenty of times…but when I succeed, nothing feels better. There’s a lot of peace in nothing.

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