Most people know that daily exercise and a nutritious diet are paramount to heart health, but there are other small additions you can do daily that may positively impact cardiovascular health. Supplements might be an easy way to add a big boost to your routine. And while you should aim for a balanced, varied diet every single day, it is not always easy, and even with your best attempts, you may want the “boost” that certain foods and food components can provide to help you support a heart healthy diet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to an article published in the American Heart Association’s medical journal, Circulation, omega-3 fatty acids, found in certain fish and some plant-based sources, can play a critical role in supporting your heart health. Specifically, people who consumed fatty fish a few times per week had better heart health, compared to those who did not eat fish. Omega-3s have been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels and help to support healthy and strong arteries.  Besides fish, you can also add plant-based sources of omega-3s, like nuts and certain oils, found on this comprehensive list of foods compiled by WebMD.

Cocoa Flavanols in CocoaVia™

Cocoa flavanols naturally increase the super molecule nitric oxide in the body, which seems to help keep arteries and blood vessels healthy and flexible. A study published by the British Journal of Nutrition explored how cocoa flavanols could support cardiovascular health in healthy middle-aged men and women. The study showed a cocoa flavanol supplement improved endothelial function, an early marker of cardiovascular health and function. The intake of cocoa flavanols was also shown to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levelsCocoaVia™ is a cocoa flavanol supplement that is available in a delicious drink mix that contains 450mg of cocoa flavanols that can be added to your coffee, smoothie, or any other drink! If you prefer capsules to get your daily “Boost”, CocoaVia™ is available in that form, too!


According to an article published by Healthline, garlic has many medicinal benefits, helping to support your body’s physiological responses, as well as the potential to support heart health. Research published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine found that a daily garlic supplement supported healthy blood pressure in participants. Start cooking with garlic to add a savory flavor that comes with powerful natural health benefits.

Green Tea

According to research summarized in an article by Harvard Health, green tea has been found to support cardiovascular health in those who drink it. Consider setting aside some time each day to make yourself cups of green tea. Enjoy the ritual, practice a moment of solitude, and reap the benefits of this powerful, ancient drink. You can also find green tea extract in pill-form if you prefer.

Trying these simple, and often tasty, additions to your daily routine may support your heart health, so consult with your doctor THIS HEART HEALTH MONTH about adding some of these supplements to your diet. The science says your heart will thank you!

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