• What I #MoveFor

    #SP  Moving. Moving on. Starting anew. Most of us are old enough to have done plenty of...

  • Reaction Time

    The dictionary defines “reaction” as: 1) an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a...

  • Meditation 101

    More people would reap the benefits of meditation and relaxation if they knew how to start. SO,...

  • Growing Our Thoughts

    Just like plants require water to grow, those thoughts that are nurtured with our attention grow as...

  • Selective Memory

    Forgiving and forgetting are the two best strategies I can think of for having a good day...

  • Other’s Trances

    Stay out of other people’s trances.    We all know someone who is stuck somewhere in their...

  • The Worst is Over

    No matter what is going on in our lives, it’s quite possible that the worst has already...

  • Time Hack

    Want more time? Here’s the secret life hack: Hack away at the inessential. Often we think we...

  • Growing Old vs. Being Old

    Growing older and becoming old are not the same thing. It’s a privilege to grow old as...

  • Purpose

    When we commit to a purpose, the mountains and valleys of life begin to reverberate energy toward...

  • Magnanimous

    To be magnanimous is to be quick and willing to forgive.  Forgiving others is not alway easy....

  • The Active Mind

    Can’t slow your mind down? Wishing you had a problem free life? Read this parable about the...

  • It’s the Climb

    In many ways, but not all, life unfolds as we think it should. Likewise, we  also become,...

  • Three Adages

    I’m more comfortable doing than being. For a long time I questioned whether this meant I was...

  • Coffee Karma

    A few years ago, someone pointed out an amazing coffee shop a couple of blocks from my...

  • Full Moon

    Today is Friday the 13th and there will be a full moon that will be visible just...

  • Spontaneity

    September 11th is a day life changed forever for me and many others. I don’t like to...

  • How Old Kicks In

    When we’re younger it’s impossible to even begin to imagine what older will be like. However, when...

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Stretching regularly throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to improve flexibility and relieve the stress that builds

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Eye-Opening Mascaras

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Filters of Life

We all see life through filters whether we realize it or not, whether we want to admit it or not,

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Lots of research reports that experiences provide greater satisfaction than accumulating yet another thing. Basically, getting experiential is doing anything

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There’s a high probability that if we have too much stress in our lives, it’s time to look in the

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All You Need is LOVE

I thought it was only appropriate to write on the topic of LOVE while I am in Paris (known as

ETA? What They Don’t Tell You About is Your ETD

This article is part of the CelebrEighty series by Judy Katz…At 82, perhaps I can be excused for thinking about death.

Ride the Waves at Any Age

It has been about sixty years since Dick Dale’s surf music first hit the airwaves, Gidget learned to surf and

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