• Groovin’

    Often we hear people express the importance about “Going the Distance.” I think it’s more important to...

  • The Giraffe in the Room

    Even though I consider myself a good communicator, having teenage children in my late 50s  has posed...

  • At First Sight

    What is the first thing you think people see when they look at you? Your shape? Your...

  • Failing Lessons

    What have you failed at recently? If the answer is nothing…it might be time to do a...

  • Smashing Age Stereotypes

    There are countless stereotypes as to what defines an “old” person. These are accompanied by myths as...

  • Questions

    If we don’t want to know the answer to something, we probably shouldn’t ask the question. That...

  • The Space of Love

    Do you view significant others — mates, children, friends — as problems to be solved?  Or, are...

  • Elevens

    So. Someone pointed out to me that the lines between our eyebrows (or mine specifically)  are called...

  • The Memory Motel

    In many ways, as the saying goes: Life is but a dream. Nothing lasts. Not even us. ...

  • Relationship Strain

    We all have different expectations that we place on our intimate relationships. Some of us can’t imagine...

  • Gassing Fire

    Offering our unrequested opinions on others is like adding gasoline to fire. Even when we’ve been asked...

  • Infinite Possibility

    The infinite mystery of life is how we originated. Science addresses the physical union of sperm and...

  • Works Of Art

    Like snowflakes, we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. A work of art can...

  • Routine Disruption

    Routine Disruption is a catalyst for creativity.  How we will each feel or become more creative when...

  • Changing Today

    If there’s something we can be doing that we know would make us healthier, today is a...

  • Feeling Guilty

    Guilt is an intense emotion. It can be a motivating force for change or debilitating. At any...

  • Diet Fallacies

    I need to clear up a widespread diet fallacy: There are no cleansing foods. Our bodies are...

  • Forever

    Don’t try to live forever. You’ll never succeed — at least not in the physical sense. However,...

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Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day – Gifts for That Someone Special

Valentine’s Day. A day to express your love to your significant others, family and friends…that usually comes with a price

Easy Stretches

Stretching regularly throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to improve flexibility and relieve the stress that builds

Men May be From Mars and Women May be From Venus – But Let’s do our Best to be Healthy on Earth!

In the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” the author, John Gray, highlights differences in the ways

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Eye-Opening Mascaras

I don’t know about you, but age has given me hooded eyes. Because of this I’m perpetually in search of

Get Ready!

YOU ASKED!  I’ve listened! I am SO EXCITED to tell you that very soon Silver Disobedience will be sharing all

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Filters of Life

We all see life through filters whether we realize it or not, whether we want to admit it or not,

Experiential Living to Live More

Lots of research reports that experiences provide greater satisfaction than accumulating yet another thing. Basically, getting experiential is doing anything

How to Ruin a Good Day

There’s a high probability that if we have too much stress in our lives, it’s time to look in the

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All You Need is LOVE

I thought it was only appropriate to write on the topic of LOVE while I am in Paris (known as

ETA? What They Don’t Tell You About is Your ETD

This article is part of the CelebrEighty series by Judy Katz…At 82, perhaps I can be excused for thinking about death.

Ride the Waves at Any Age

It has been about sixty years since Dick Dale’s surf music first hit the airwaves, Gidget learned to surf and

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