“CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?” (release date July 21, 2021, The Three Tomatoes Publishing) is the sequel to the successful Can You See Us Now? from Cheryl Benton, founder and publisher of the very popular web site, The Three Tomatoes “for women who aren’t kids.” Inspired by her own experiences and those of her successful, accomplished New York City friends, the sequel will resonate with any women over the age of 50 who has ever felt invisible and marginalized in our youth obsessed culture.

In Can You Hear Us Now? five years have passed, and best friends Suzy, Trish, and Madge are now in their mid-fifties as their journey continues from New York City to Ethiopia and the vineyards of Long Island’s North Fork. They face new crises and challenges including tragic deaths, old loves, secrets revealed, betrayals, dirty politics, the art world, ageism, and corporate sharks.

Suzy is struggling to forge a new life after the sudden death of her husband of more than 25 years. Madge finds her life upended as her husband Jason makes a run for the Senate and foes threaten to tear apart their family. Trish is longing to return to the art world and mentors a promising young artist. And in the midst of their changing lives, they succumb to the temptation of selling The Three Tomatoes, the company they created to celebrate women in midlife and beyond and watch in horror as it is nearly destroyed by corporate sharks.

Throughout it all, they continue to have each other’s backs and are bolstered by the support of a thriving group of New York City women, who call themselves the “Ripe Tomatoes.” And they are reminded of the unbreakable bonds of friendship and its importance as we make our journey through the circle of life.  

If you’re looking for a good weekend read or a gift for a friend, check it out! Here’s the link