It’s easy to forget that we need to finish every day and be done with it. Sometimes it takes extra effort to accomplish this “forgetting” and destressing.  Deciding upon positive constructive ways to comfort ourselves so we can unwind any stress that may have built up during the day is very important. As such, we need a plan. 

Ways we can end the day and let go of whatever bothered us, that seems to be lingering, could include doing some stretches; practicing our own personal form of meditation or deep breathing; a few yoga or Tai Chi poses; speaking with someone we trust and venting; sipping a flavorful decaf tea; listening to some relaxing music; reading a good book; doing some kind of art or craft that expresses our creativity; practicing an instrument; or something else.  Note: Alcohol doesn’t make the list as a good way to unwind for a peaceful night’s sleep because it is associated with sleep disruption and waking up wired at 2am.

What is your favorite way to finish your day so that you can go to bed peacefully and enjoy a great night’s sleep? Please share! 

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