Yesterday I put in my earpiece and via my calculator on my iPhone, I attempted to dial into a conference call. When I realized my error, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. What I did do is abruptly shift my full concentration to the conversation at hand…and the minute it was over I went right out for a brisk head-clearing walk. 

Calculator dialing is a wake up call to get present — which is exactly where I clearly wasn’t!

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is take a breather. Literally. Life will storm through with its natural order of things. There will be times we feel that our best coping skills are being put to the test. When we feel this way, we need to stop and breathe.

A few deep breaths, a walk around the neighborhood, a few stretches and it all comes back into perspective. We realize we’re fully capable of handling all and more.  And sometimes? We even find we have a new good story to laugh about! 

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