It takes lots of courage to do what we want, whether it’s something as simple as getting a new haircut or changing to a new job or moving. Sometimes we don’t make the moves we want because we’re too guilt-ridden. It’s easy to become too concerned about what others might think or if they’d approve of our change in direction. The problem becomes that we forget to live life on our own terms. We tell ourselves we’ll “get to it.”

When we’re getting “ready” to live, we’re not really living (paraphrasing R.W. Emerson.) On some level, we all know this. Nike built an empire with one of the most successful tagline campaigns based on this concept: “Just do it.” There’s a reason we all responded to it: Instinctually we know how important it is to “Just do it.”

We all have responsibilities. But a life well-lived in the end is more than just paying the rent, going to work, checking off the bills, shuffling kids to and from and saving for rainy days.

Today is a good day to buck up our courage and bridge the chasm between how we spend our time and what is fun and important to us.

It takes courage to live our dreams. But doing the extra-over-the-ordinary feels better than anything describable. 

Today, decide to do something you’ve been afraid of doing—and take the first step toward doing it. The size of the choice is irrelevant. It could be as simple as choosing red nail polish when you always select nude; or growing or shaving your mustache. The point is that you are summoning your courage to do something out of your everyday norm—just for you.

Just do it!

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience This is an excerpt from my book, The Silver Disobedience Playbook: 365 Inspirations for Living and Loving Agelessly.