Sometimes we all need to break out of the boxes others create for us, those which society imposes on us and even more so the imaginary boxes we put ourselves in. 

Sometimes boxes feel safe. We believe we know the exact boundaries and think we know the rules. We imagine that we know where all the walls are and where the stress points are, should too much pressure be applied. Our boxes may provide the illusion that we are in control.

Yet sometimes boxes feel very uncomfortable. My least favorite box is the question: What do you do? If I was to actually say all that I “do” — while I believe it would express that I’m very in touch with my creative sides and have a distinct desire to explore them all before I exit Earth — others might think that I lacked direction or focus. 

Stepping out of our imaginary boxes — because they are ALL imaginary — is healthy. I encourage everyone to test their limits (thoughtfully and with due reasonable process!) Yet when I do propose this, some dispute me, believing that their boxes are quite real and somehow different than any that may have been imposed upon me.  To this, I say that these folks are seeing themselves as separate instead of one with humanity. So, again, I’ll say the boxes are not real. The real parts are only within our personal perspectives in our minds — apparent only when we choose to be limited by the boundaries of our boxes.  

YET — if we continue to see possibility within our relationships; our many roles; our situations; our current age, along with all of our possibilities that have yet to be confronted and explored — it is confirmed that the boundaries of the box are imaginary. 

Just something to think about. 

Today might be a good idea to examine our imaginary boxes wherever they lie. Consider how it might feel to step out and get some fresh air to explore ourselves in new, maybe even unexpected and unanticipated ways. 

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience aka Attitude Adjuster & Disrupter who cannot resist questioning the status quo.