While it’s said that life is all about embracing the journey, this doesn’t mean we won’t face many forks in the road which will require sometimes difficult decisions. This is where age comes in handy.  Each year we’ve been confronted with people, situations and circumstances that have demanded our attention and our best abilities to assess the situation.

When the going gets tough, remember: Everyone has days when we feel like we just want to quit. On particularly rough days when we feel that we’ve reached the end of our capacity to give, love, care, think, act, change, try, hear, or do whatever else is demanding more and more and more from us, it is helpful to remind ourselves that our track record for getting through bad days so far is 100 percent!  Bravo!

Now go easy on yourself, notice all the things you’re doing right and remind yourself that: Life is a test. We’re doing our best and that’s just fine. More than half of our grade each day is earned just by waking up!

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