I grew up in a home packed with 2 parents, 5 siblings + my Dad’s Mom, whom our Mom cared for. Our Father working for the local electric utility managing complaints. Money was always tight. Dad gave Mom $50 for groceries and other household items every week — and sometimes asked “for change.” My Mom cooked a warm meal 6 days a week, found oak furniture that others were discarding— and she stripped and finished them herself to perfection. She also hand waxed our wood floors. All that and she either sewed my clothes or we we purchased them at thrift shops: Something that embarrassed me at the time, yet is now where I find many of my favorite treasures. 

It amazes me in retrospect if I think about how my parents did it. And, I don’t think any of my siblings would say we felt poor. It was just how it was and it pretty much seemed like how it was for others as well.  

I remember at one point I wanted to take guitar lessons. My parents gave me a choice: Braces for my very crooked teeth or guitar lessons. 

With a teenager’s zero comprehension of finance, I was furious about having to choose— but chose braces. And I joined the church folk group, led by good old Mr. Lorello, who tolerated the fact that I couldn’t play guitar, and would gently inform me that although it was easier to play a G-chord than stretch for an F-chord? They were not interchangeable and I was again “off key.”  

To this day, I’m not a heck of a lot better, but I can play decent rhythm. I do it to amuse myself. 

Now I want to challenge myself to play bass and a 61… I’m finally learning how it is individual notes that form the chords, which all blend together to create the harmonious nature of songs.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing any of this except that I often reflect about what I wanted in life vs. what I got or didn’t get — and how I really wouldn’t change a thing.  Somehow it all keeps working out fine. 

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