This season is about becoming. Now is the time to define who we are. Not who we were…but who we are now…in this moment.

Here’s a challenge:  Try defining “who you are” which can include “what you do” in 50 words. If you were speaking it, that would take about a minute—which would be a long commercial, as most are 15-30 seconds.

Note that the question is: Who are you?  Not who were you!

Stay current in your descriptor. Release the judgements on your words as you mentally, or even better on paper, spell this out. If you want to make your self-descriptor longer, go ahead! Try not to box yourself in. Be broad. Risk using the most important words and adjectives that define who you believe you are today and what you are ‘doing’ with your life that is fulfilling your spirit.

We place so many judgements on ourselves while ‘telling’ and on others while ‘listening’ to explanations of ‘who someone is,’ that we inadvertently box ourselves in.  We do this because faulty thinking makes us believe that we can control the reactions of another regarding our statement as to who we are. While this sense of control might work sometimes, it will never work all the time.

While “What do you do?” is a common curiosity question, asked to become better informed in the early stages of any relationship—it is really one that deserves careful consideration and possibly an update. Get out of the box and become fashionably current in describing who you are!

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