Beating boredom is one of my favorite things to do. 

We are bored when we are uninterested in what we are doing or whatever is happening in the moment.  At it’s essence, boredom is a very interesting thing because it is a choice we make because we are unwilling to drill down or “bore down deeply” into the moment to unearth what might be fresh, new, different or worthy of thoughtful exploration.

Boredom often results from fatigue because too often we are doing something over and over again the exact same way, with little sense of purpose or committment. These un-enthusiastic feelings for the repetitive nature of the act mutate into new feelings of dissatisfaction. 

While yes, life holds responsibilities that might require repetition, there is certainly never a reason to allow our lives to become boring. A well lived life is all about bringing our own extra to the ordinary. 

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