At first, we count life in months and movements: ’He’s 6 months old’ & ‘She just rolled over.’ As toddlers, we declare age, in years, months & achievements, proudly announcing we’re ‘two and a half’ & we can ‘go to the potty by ourselves.’ Crossing into our teen thresholds, our right to party rules along with angst & confusion thanks to hormones & teenage-ness. By 18, age triggers twinges of anxiety as we contemplate adulthood responsibilities. We’re counting opportunities, as we wonder how we’ll handle this growing up on our own. Work or college years are marked by various tests of independence. In our twenties, we’re working & seeing challenges our parents had, as we struggle to take full responsibility for our choices, lifestyle and financial situations. Twenties to thirties & beyond we’re considering partners. Filled with mating hopes. These years may or may not introduce parenting into the mix & a whole new reality of life with the endless challenges & responsibilities that accompany raising another & coping with daily living. Life continues to roll on if we’re lucky. For better or for worse, sickness and in health. Work, friends, family, homes, locations…changing. Never predictable. Filled with static, hi fidelity, noise & distortion & wrinkles. Nothing digital about it. We can’t plug, play & do a quick edit it. Our lives gets recorded like an old vinyl for prosperity. By our fifties, we’re realizing the truth in adages like: “If we knew how long we’d live, we’d have taken better care of ourselves.” But we also start to realize, our hopes are still possible because we did ‘not die before we got old.”  We’re not dead. We can still change, live & love: Doing what we can to leave our marks on the world & the hearts of others. Life’s not over until it’s over. Age is a beautiful thing. Each birthday is a gift. Today I’m celebrating! And…THANK YOU, MOM & Dad!

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