My Mom is 90 chronologically but 23 biologically! On a recent visit, I asked if I could weigh her on my scale that measures not just “weight” but, more importantly, the percentage of body fat (BF) we carry. The scale works by using bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure body fat. An unnoticeable electrical current runs up one leg and down the other. Since fat is a poor conductor of electricity compared to muscle, BF is determined by the calculated resistance the electrical current hits.

I’ve used a Tanita scale for years. It measures weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and calculates metabolic age. I’ve always been far more interested in the percentage of body fat I carry and my metabolic age as those numbers are more indicative of my true health and the stress on my heart and other vital organs. Weight is a measurement of bones, muscles, water and fat all blurred together. People of identical heights may weigh the same or different amounts — yet the one with a lower BF percentage, who may even weigh more, is likely more healthy as the stress on their hearts to push blood through extra body mass is less.

Rocking the Bathing Suit!

My Mom has never done traditional exercise — yet she is possibly one of the most fit people I’ve ever known. She eats a moderate balanced diet and rarely drinks alcohol (unless it’s a scotch in warm milk to sleep or a tiny sip of port.) Her home is always immaculate and decorated in detail according to the season. Her gardens are flourishing, she home cooks the majority of her meals, she’s a great driver and does ballroom dancing with her charming husband of 10 years. I should also mention she goes to church every day. She’s moving constantly!

I’m grateful to have had her as the Poster Girl for Living an Energetic and Healthy Ageless Life. As you read this and look at the pictures, feel free to grab some of her energy as inspiration to stay active and moving…she has plenty to share!

PS:  The closeup photo was just taken 90.5 years old.  The bathing suit is at 85 in a @NormaKamali suit that I gave her! Her husband asked her to pose in it! The 3rd photo is the scale of proof!

My Mom’s Calculated Biological Age

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