When we think of youth, we often connect it to a time of innocence—that era in our lives when we believed whatever we were told. Children tend to approach others with openness and trust. This frightens parents and others who love us and worry that we’ll get hurt in some way or another. •

Sadly, at some point in life, due to socialization and various other factors circulating within families and communities, many of us stop believing in others. We censor our judgment. We start to wonder why others would do certain things. We doubt the goodness of their intentions. We worry they might be trying to trick us into doing something that benefits them, not us. •

For most of my life, I’ve been a believer in others. Yes, I’ve been brutally disappointed, wounded and hurt; I’ve cried and wondered why I didn’t protect my heart from the pain that I should have seen coming. I admit it. To this day, there are still those who will tell me to my face that they think I’m a complete sucker for deceptions and lies. •

I don’t think I’m gullible. I enter every relationship—both personal and work-related— eyes wide open. I do my homework if necessary. I walk away from glaring red flags. But still, I choose to believe in people and possibilities. And I believe it is people who help make possibilities realities. I think we’re all trying to make our way in life. •

By believing in others, I find I’m disappointed much less than others might expect. I can’t think of anything I feel truly bitter about. More so, by believing in the goodness and good intentions of others, I think that my expectations have been positively fulfilled. I believe that by choosing to believe in both others and what may be possible, I’ve become a happier and more energetically spirited person. This is a good thing. •

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