When we think of a best friend, the characteristic that most likely defines one is their ability to listen to us. Next we’d probably note their lack of judgment. We like people who accept us for who we are, as we are.

Friends know our quirks. They know our secrets. They know what makes us happy and sad. Sometimes they’re the keepers of our history. 

True friends aren’t trying to change us. We love them and embrace our friendship because they allow our personal essence to flow. Instead of criticism, they react with a smile and a: “That’s Pat!”

Their knowledge of who we are and their acceptance allows us to open up and go deeper with trust. The friendship expands because we are allowed to speak in ways that enable us to better understand who we are at the heart of it all while helping us clarify our thoughts or confusion.

Their’s nothing quite like a good friend. There’s nothing like realizing that someone loves us as we are.  But what I’m really thinking today is this:  Even better than having a good friend is loving, trusting and being kind to ourselves … like a good friend would.

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