One of the most memorable tag lines in advertising history is: “Because You’re Worth it” by @LorealParis #LOrealParisPartner

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know I’m all about honoring our unique worth at every stage of our lives. Who we were at 20 is not who we are at 60. When people say to me: “I wish I knew you twenty years ago.” I think: “I wish I knew me too!” I really believe we needed all our years plus all of our experiences to learn, accept and love who we ultimately become so we can recognize our worth. Instead of just being told we’re worth it — we’ve honed our life chops and finally start to believe it.

While every stage of life is uniquely beautiful, in our later years, none of us are who we were at 20. Neither is our skin. It has toughened, softened, scarred and aged. But it’s ours and ours alone.

In this light, I’d like to share that I’ve partnered with L’Oréal Paris. Just like I’ve evolved, @LOrealParis has evolved, too, by developing its Age Perfect Makeup Collection including Radiant Serum Foundation, Creamy Powder Foundation, Luminous Hydrating Lipsticks, a Lash Magnifying Mascara, along with perfectly toned eyebrow pencils and liners that are each specially formulated for our more mature skin with serums and antioxidants to prevent crepe-ing, bleeding and fading.

I’m loving these products! Click here for coupons and news! Please check out my social videos and posts as I test out a whole new array of these products that are created for age 50 and older skin. I’ll be celebrating our age and lives as always in my posts, stories and IGTV segments with a full spectrum of colors that are perfectly paired and priced for stepping out of our comfort zones and experimenting again and again! My guess is that you’ll enjoy these #AgePerfect products, too…because WE are worth it. 😉