It’s always a good idea to stay on the lookout for ways to increase the possibilities in our lives. 

Possibility is anything that provides us with a chance to change our circumstances for the better. Unless your crystal ball is working better than mine, we can never predict the ways that life will present new exciting possibilities, prospects, opportunities, adventures and friendships. I’m a big believer in synchronicity—the concept of meaningful coincidences between two people that occur with no causal relationship yet that seem to be purposely related. 

When I reflect on the trajectory of my life, which has moved more like a roller coaster than a rocket ship, the most outstanding aspect is how—through meetings of chance and synchronicity—door after door opened. As unprepared as I might have felt, as ill-suited to the opportunity as I might have been, I’ve entered every door. I’m grateful to every person who offered me an entryway, and to all those I meet on a daily basis who continue to do so. I’m convinced that my practice of daily meditation, which is often as unstructured as simply locking myself in the bathroom for five minutes of deep breathing and solitude, increases the probability that synchronicity will increase exponentially in my life. It is these chance meetings with other people that can change a life. Be on the lookout. Be open to the possibilities. Trust in the adventures of your experiences. 

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