A hub is someone who generously creates introductions for others within their collection of friends and associates. It’s important to be one. Some people do hubbing very well and they regularly reap the rewards that go around and come around from being a good hub. Others don’t and they have no idea what they’re missing. Then there are those who are offered introductions by hubs and are reluctant to recognize the opportunity.

Life is all about people. The more you meet, the more interesting life gets. Opportunities for love, friendships, work and new experiences all increase when we choose to graciously find ways to introduce and connect all the people we know with other people.

When we choose to act as a hub, we have to remember that it’s not a one-for-one transaction. We might create introductions for someone and they might be unable to respond with their own hubness. However, other hubs will open doors instead. It’s a generosity thing that grows. The more we seek to create connections in any way, the more connections come back in ways we can never imagine. Trust me on this. Be a hub and watch how your world opens.

This is me with one of my favorite hubs @CharlotteReardon She is my collaborating partner and dear friend (no, not my daughter)  but with 30 years between our births…I’m old enough to be her Mother!

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