Gayle Martz has been an advocate for pet travel her entire life.  In fact, if you’ve ever flown with a pet on board a plane—it’s because she relentlessly advocated for such a right.  From a career which began as an Airline Hostess in 1971 to lobbying all the airlines and regulators – so that 17 years later they would approve her invention and use of her innovative SHERPA Bag, the first ever officially approved soft sided pet carrier — Gayle is a pioneer in innovation and business.

Now, in her just released book, a perfect gift for would-be entrepreneurs, animal activists and pet-lovers alike, IT’s IN THE BAG, chronicles Martz’ fascinating career, unique vision and relentless stamina that she channeled to make her dreams of safe pet travel a reality for all of us, who today largely take this right for granted.

Readers will benefit from the heartfelt lessons from Martz who started her SHERPA journey with no home, no money and no job – yet ultimately raised respect for not only herself, but all female CEOs while creating a blockbuster household-name success with SHERPA Pet Carriers.

Gayle shares not only her experience, and love for our pets as family, but lessons for readers to build their own dream business, including …

  • Taking a concept from dream to reality
  • How to overcome resistance to innovation of a brand-new product category
  • Disrupting industries…with a plan in hand
  • Understanding your market
  • Finding your army of supporters and mobilizing them to help you build your market outreach
  • Advocating for regulation changes from a position of love, passion, spirit and smarts
  • Professionals you’ll need on your team
  • Understanding how to build a distribution network
  • Getting into the Big Chain Stores
  • Recruiting support from non-profit organizations
  • Partners, Buy-outs and Royalties
  • Moving forward, back and forward again
  • How your office can be wherever you are

IT’s IN THE BAG by Gayle Martz is a Masters in Business Education taught by a woman who truly revolutionized an industry in unfathomable ways and for all of our benefit.  Pick up a copy. The lessons are priceless and immensely helpful for anyone dreaming of starting a business or trying to figure out how to move up to the next level of success.