(SD-SP) Are you part of the Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964?  If so, congratulations!  You are part of a generation that has made a significant impact on our society—both culturally and economically.  Why is this generation so special? Baby Boomers grew up with great optimism about the future having parents who lived through the Roaring 20’s, then the Great Depression, followed by World War II and then the Korean War. Hearing about their parents’ hardships and experiences, many decided to take advantage of increased opportunities for education, sought and achieved well-paying jobs as businesses spawned throughout the nation

The baby boomer generation embodies great characteristics – many are community-minded and hard workers who adapt readily to change; they value individual choice and pride themselves on their decision-making skills.  Indeed, as Baby Boomers were growing up, swift cultural changes were simultaneously occurring, and alternate lifestyles took hold.  Some have married and have families of their own. Others have decided to remain single by choice, or are single by circumstance.  Of the 70 million baby boomers in the US, about 23 million are currently single. 

Some of those who remained single have opted to have children, others have decided not to.   Married or single, with or without children, many are now using their well-honed decision-making skills to determine the best place to spend the next chapters of their lives, and live independently.  Whether or not you have children who can look after you, you may be one of those baby boomers thinking about where to best retire, and Independent Living at Brookdale can certainly make a lot of sense! 

Why? For community-minded Baby Boomers, the many different  activities available on Brookdale’s campuses to become involved is attractive.  While offerings vary in different communities, there is a wide range to choose from such as cardio classes, yoga, Tai Chi;  educational opportunities such as cooking workshops, painting classes and shop (are you thinking of high school days?), and of course, social gatherings, including parties, brunch and excursions (are you thinking of life in your 20s?).

If you are one of the single baby boomers, you can still have that coveted personal space and alone time whenever you want it. Brookdale’s living spaces are designed so you can savor your alone time or invite your friends (new and old) and family over to socialize. And being close to friends and family is certainly an important consideration. With more than 675 communities in 41 states, you have a great choice of locations to choose from! 

An important consideration for residents selecting communities in which to live is how the campuses are organized. Brookdale campuses are designed so that residents can easily navigate the community, making it easy to get from one activity to another, as well as to the dining facilities.  Campuses vary in size, with some being larger and extravagant, while others are smaller and cozier.  This allows you to select the type of community you feel most comfortable in.

And speaking of dining facilities, food that is tasty, nutritious and beautifully served, is brought to residents in very welcoming dining rooms, with beautiful layouts and furniture, with all the comforts of home.  And let’s face it, it’s always nice to be waited on and not have to cook!  You’ve earned being catered to in more ways than one!

Is Brookdale life for you?  That’s for you to decide.  But whether you are single or part of an extended family, the decision of where to spend this important, well-deserved part of your life, can be the single-most important decision, one in which you can rely on the signature decision-making skills that Baby Boomers embody!