It is very hard to look at ourselves or another without a thousand thoughts interrupting our vision: Thoughts that all seem so necessary as they crowd our minds, trying to help us judge who or what we are seeing. Yet, the thoughts are as fleeting as the moment if we allow them to be. Imagine if we could just observe another with wonder. Like the experience we feel when looking at a flower or even a new born baby.  While we see, it is really the awe and wonder that we feel. Thoughts seem to disappear.

How awe-some would it be to see each of our relationships from such a wonder-full state? Seeing, listening, touching, smelling and even thinking without judgement. Observing each other with watchful eyes; ears that hear; and, a heart that maintains affection towards the other without judging their experience as good or bad.

Such a capability would remove our upset and increase our understanding of one another. We might recognize that we are only witnessing a temporary state that will change as fast as our own emotions shift. 

Breathing is the best reminder I know of to stop and detach. Breathing is the only way I know of to remove my ego from the situation. To observe the drama of life as it unfolds. Watching. Hearing. Feeling my own emotions and how they impact my breathing, heart rate and physical tension. Breathing without feeling the need to impart my opinion upon another’s existence. 

I’m not there yet. I’ve got a long way to go. I also doubt I’ll ever be able to do this in all situations. But life at every age is about doing better than yesterday. And we can all become better than we were yesterday if we keep trying today.

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