It does not take any more energy to change our ways. Doubt this? Did you ever wonder: How much time and energy we use repeating the same old, same old, no matter how unproductive it is?

Changing doesn’t require more energy. It requires greater awareness and different thinking. The energy output is the same. This is why whenever we recognize something we need to change…this is fabulous first step! All change starts with awareness. Then as we choose to start “working” on something…give yourself a pat on the back because committing to changing up any unproductive behavior by swapping in a productive one is absolutely fantastic! We’ve recognized an unsuccessful pattern and are changing it up. Don’t worry if you stumble and don’t do everything perfect. An imperfect change for the better is better than keeping the status quo that we know is inefficient, ineffective, wrong, counter-intuitive, less than it could be, or unhealthy. The old way…or the new way will each demand energy. Yet, when we choose to change a behavior in a way that is beneficial to our being…our energy is empowered to freely flow as it should…which moves us towards new benefits. Now some of you might be thinking: Wrong! It takes more energy to exercise. Well this is incorrect. If we don’t channel energy to exercise, our bodies feel stress and tension—which are blocked energy that will ultimately demand our energy for repairs.

Here’s a little story:  As a roof was leaking, a Zen Master told two monks to bring something to catch the water. One brought a tub, the other a basket. The first was severely reprimanded; the second praised.

We each are Energy Directors in our personal United States-of-Being. Direct these energy forces to your benefit.

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