I’m often asked: What is the secret to success? How can we each become more successful in whatever we want to achieve? My answer is: By accepting our average-ness.

Probably not the answer you expected. Still, it is genuinely what I believe. 

If we think we’re superior in some way, we rarely spend time working hard or practicing or reading or learning because we have an inflated sense of our ability. 

Likewise, if we think we’re inferior, we might not spend much time working hard or practicing or reading or learning because we’re in doubt as to our ability.

Yet, the minute we accept that we’re all average more or less— life starts getting very interesting. 

Accepting our collective “average”-ness moves us out of excuse mode. Instead of discounting the effort, hustle, commitment to self-help and learning that make the difference — we honor and own-up to work required. By accepting that we all “average-out” we can prepare and start acting to elevate ourselves towards the successes we desire whether in our work, relationships or any other aspect of our lives.

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