Conrad Cordeiro

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    Why “Just” Doesn’t Fit

    Sometimes we use the word “just” when describing who we are and what we do. This podcast...

  • Podcast
    Insight on Understanding Others

    It takes patience and compassion to understand another. But isn’t this what we all want? To be...

  • Podcast
    The Worst has Already Happened

    Here’s the good news…no matter what you’re worried about? The worst has already happened…and you handled it! ...

  • Podcast
    You’re Looking…Wonderful

    Have you ever thought about how we comment about others — and their appearances — particularly as...

  • Podcast
    Shortcomings as Advantages

    Have you ever considered that maybe what we think are our disadvantages, could actually be our strengths?...

  • Podcast
    Resting Up

    At every time in our lives, rest is important. Rest comes in a variety of ways…and each...

  • Podcast

    Possibility always exists if we are alive. This is not wooo-wooo thinking. It’s fact. This podcast explores...

  • Podcast
    New Collaborations

    We don’t have to do everything alone. Collaboration is often how things get done better, faster and...

  • Podcast
    Mind Over Matter

    The human mind is immensely powerful. Our thoughts are the fuel that determine how that power will...

  • Podcast
    Let’s Talk Resolution

    A resolution is defined as a decision…But the thesaurus also says: verdict, settlement, aim, boldness, dedication, moxie,...

  • Podcast
    Let the Force Be with You

    It’s time to own our own power and use it in positive ways for the rest of...

  • Podcast
    Growth is Optional

    Changes in life are inevitable. Growing through those changes? That’s an option. This podcast explores this concept.

  • Podcast
    Greatness in Three

    This podcast shares three steps that you can use today to build your personal brand of greatness....

  • Podcast
    Denying Aging

    IF we’re lucky, we all get older. Things change. Sometimes we wish they didn’t. But to deny...

    Cathy Galinski Snemyr

    I met Cathy in High School. Today, @rymens1 is a gorgeous Face of Silver Disobedience™ Cathy tells...

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