Before you get to the point whereby you feel ready to explode and “My bad”) becomes your every other word….consider these scientifically proven way to destress in 5 minutes or less:

Bang a drum: Keeping a beat is proven to reduce tension. Bang a drum or a counter or the steering wheel. Find a beat and try keeping it going rhythmically for a at least a minute or more.

Progressive relaxation: Start at your head and imagine the stress melting down into your neck, through your shoulders, down your arms, out through you fingertips as it flows down through your chest, into your abdomen, through your hips, thighs, calves, feet and finally leaves your body through your toes.

Observe Nature: Grass, wind, water, birds, trees — take your pick. Stop and watch nature. You can find it anywhere. I always stop and usually photograph the weeds that push their way through cement and brick. It reminds me of the infinite power within us.

Deep Breathing: My favorite. Close your eyes and breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress. Say it: I am breathing in relaxation. I am releasing stress. Do it regularly.

Mental Imaging: See what you want to happen. Really see it in full color, light, sound. Make the image vibrant. Imagine what it feels like. Feel the sensation.

Punch It Up: Yup seriously. Grab a pillow and punch it. Hard. Do it again. And again. You’ll relieve stress and build some arm strength!

Journal or Draw: Write it out…whatever it is. Draw the feelings and mood. Just the process of acknowledging a thought with words or an image grants it the respect it deserves so we can move forward.

Stress will always be a life constant. At some times more so than others. No matter what age we are, we need methods to positively cope with our stress. The difference that makes life more satisfying is how we choose to deal with stress when it rises. Having a plan of attack is the best plan.

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