Remember Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Asteroids? Many 1980s video game buffs have fond recollections of these and other classic machines, having spent endless hours—and endless quarters—wrapped up in the delights they provided. Although modern gaming has progressed light-years beyond those old games, they still hold a timeless charm. And there are a few places around the U.S. where they can still be enjoyed in all their glory! Here are a few.

• Funspot (Laconia, NH): Billing itself as the largest arcade in the world, Funspot offers more than 600 games, including 300 classic arcade games, a 20-lane tenpin and candlepin bowling center, cash bingo, indoor mini-golf, a restaurant, a tavern and more. Intrepid visitors will find everything from well-loved faves such as Centipede, Zaxxon and Dragon’s Lair to more obscure ones like Zero Hour, Krull and Super Cobra.

• Barcade (Brooklyn, NY): Barcade is the original arcade bar: a combination bar and arcade with a focus on classic arcade games and American craft beer. The video game selection is mostly from the classic period of the early 1980s and ranges through the early 1990s, although there may be titles as early as 1975 and as recent as the mid-2000s in rotation. The pinball selection includes many classic machines as well.

• Galloping Ghost Arcade (Brookfield, IL): A rival to Funspot for the title of largest video arcade in the nation, Galloping Ghost Arcade opened in 2010 with 130 arcade games that were saved from the brink of destruction and restored for all to enjoy. In 2014, its had grown ito harbor more than 440 arcade games, with games coming in from all over the world.

• Castles-n-Coasters (Phoenix, AZ): One of the many attractions at this family-oriented fun and thrill park, the Castles-n-Coasters arcade features more than 10,000 square feet of arcade space spanning three levels and more then 150 games from classic pinball, to the latest and greatest.

• Marty’s Playland (Ocean City, MD): Marty’s Playland is more than just a video arcade. It is a family fun place, part of Ocean City history, and offers one of the largest game and prize selections in Ocean City. In conjunction with operating a full arcade on the first floor, Playland also offers several vacation apartments on the second floor. The Playland Apartments have proven to be an attractive vacation spot.

So for those whose fingers and thumbs miss some 1980s-style video game action, these are a few of the must-visit destinations across the land!

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