It’s quite an assumption after a less than stellar reaction or performance by us, to a particular situation, to declare: “Next time I’ll do X differently.” Or, that “The next time I won’t make the same mistake.” 

While yes, hopefully we have learned from all of our past experiences, and, yes, hopefully we will be able to apply those lessons-learned accordingly — each new moment brings a new experience or situation. So, while the moment may trigger a sense of familiarity, it is still new as it has never happened before.

This said, the best we can hope for in each new moment is to be is kind and fully present.

This combo of kindness and centered-presence is our best strategy to prevent re-acting.  

Re-acting is usually what we are doing during a current stressful event. In response to rising tensions, we pull up files regarding old actions that cause us to re-act.  This keeps everyone stuck in the same roles when in fact, we are often doing this without any thought to the current situation and in a way that we wish we could edit and leave on the cutting room floor.

Just what I’m thinking about: The need for more pausing. Followed by more breathing and less re-acting. The challenge of treating each moment as the new gift it is. In each moment we can choose fresh new responses instead of re-enacting our past responses.

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