Modus operandi also abbreviated as the “MO” is a Latin phrase that means a mode of operation or an operating procedure that is followed. But here’s the interesting thing: It’s really kind of like flying on auto-pilot. MO does not necessarily imply a thought-out plan as much as it is referring to a habitual way of doing things or functioning.  

In legal terminology, MO refers to what must be shown by clear and convincing evidence before one may recover damages against another party in court. In general usage, it’s often used to describe an individual’s manner of doing things and is used most often in conversation if that person or situation is perceived to be secretive or underhanded. 

Understanding that a modus operandi is not necessarily a thought-out, carefully considered plan but actually a rote form of behaving — and even one that might be changing with no order in the moment—an assortment of our own and others modus operandi is certainly something to question and explore. 

Today I’ll be doing a personal MO inventory as I also consider the MO of the world and rules around me.  Some of them might need some reconsideration, a re-write or just plan a trashing. That’s what I’m thinking about this morning: Unconsidered MOs that need careful consideration before proceeding. 

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