“As good as” are 3 words that hold amazing possibilities. Instead of simply seeing “It’s good as it gets” — as a positive or negative assessment of a situation, consider this instead: Try to imagine the immense power of those three little words! 

It works like this:

  • As good as winning, is seeing the face(s) of other champions.
  • As good as breathing, is seeing the magic that people breath into a saxophone and other wind instruments.
  • As good as being a respected leader, is respecting those others that we follow.
  • As good as writing a book, is reading the words of others who can transport us to magical places or teach us new ideas we never considered.
  • As good as smiling, is seeing the spontaneous smiles bursting from others.
  • As good as being successful, is cheering the successes of others by knowing the world always welcomes more greatness.
  • As good as being helped when in need, is helping another before they ask.
  • As good as being loved, is loving one another with all our hearts. 

Recognizing the wondrous nature of mutual good carries into all aspects of our lives. Let me know what you think as you model this idea into your own experience.

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