Each of us has artistic ability and if you don’t believe it, I’d like you to try this. Actually, I’d like you to try this even if you already know you’re artistic. Why? Because it’s a great way to release built up and stored anger and to release it and feel fabulous. 

Sometime today, when you have two minutes, grab a piece of paper & pen and sit in a quiet spot. With pen in hand and paper right in front of you, close your eyes. Imagine anything you’re feeling angry about. Really let it boil up and over. Then, take that pen and scribble that anger (no drawing skill necessary) all over the page, creating lines of anger.

Whenever you’re ready, take a deep breath in. When you release your breath, imagine breathing out the last remnants of that anger. Take a few breaths if necessary to release the tension.

Then, flip the page over. With pen in hand, close your eyes. Gently breathing, remember a time you felt peace and love. Or when you were in a place that felt like paradise. Maybe you were with others, or maybe alone in solitude. Breathe and allow the lines to flow on the page. Stop when you’re ready.

Breathe and open your eyes. Look at both sides of the page. Observe how well you captured emotion. Isn’t that what art is all about? Isn’t this what artists do: Capture emotion? 

Lastly, you now have a new way to channel emotions in a positive way. Go forth today embracing your creative genius.

PS: No, I didn’t color my hair. I was feeling artsy and played with a filter!

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