People talk about the importance of being honest. I think the importance of honesty sometimes depends on one’s definition of the word and the situation at hand. ✨

The official dictionary definition of honesty is to be free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere; morally correct or virtuous.   ✨ 

Yet often, people are not virtuous in their comments, particularly when they may actually be thinly veiled judgements relayed with a caveat like: “I’m just trying to be honest.”  ✨ 

Honesty is not a license to state whatever we think and feel whenever we happen to be thinking or feeling that we are morally correct which could be the same as believing we are morally superior.  ✨ 

Next time the urge arises to “Be honest” with another, ask yourself: Are the comments you are about to share morally correct to pass? Or, instead, are you passing a judgement? ✨

With that answer, go one step further and ask yourself if what you are thinking about saying is truly virtuous and also kind, thoughtful and necessary…or not. ✨

Sometimes our version of honesty is not what another needs. ✨

I’m not  sure what triggered this thought today, but it was what I thought about right after meditating so I decided to elaborate on this topic.✨

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