It’s said that there are two sides to every story. Actually, I think there are countless sides to most stories, as none of us see the same situation the same. We each bring our own perspectives which comes from our personal history of experiences with relationships and circumstances along with elementary factors such as whether we had our glasses on or not; whether we were paying attention in that particular moment; or maybe whether we were even listening, for example.

What I’m thinking about is this:  It’s OK to not share my side of the story. It’s OK for others not to know it. It’s OK to be cool with knowing what we know, but not having to prove we know it. In fact, I want to get to the point that unless I’m getting paid the big bucks for my advisory work, I want to privately smile about what I know. Instead, I just want to become the best listener in the word. I want to be able to soak up what everyone else is saying, thinking and doing.  Then, I’ll think about it all and write another story.  

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