Do you keep your appointments? Like do you make the commitment to arrive at the agreed upon time for work, keep a date with a friend or get to your doctor’s office as scheduled?

Do you make and keep appointments with yourself? Like working out, or taking a walk or eating a healthy meal or doing something to relax or getting to bed at a reasonable time?  

Is there’s a disconnect between your commitment to keeping appointments that involve others vs. those that you think might be more self-focused?

If so, today is a perfect day to add yourself to your priority list:  Start keeping appointments you make with yourself to exercise, create, eat healthy, rest & relax or have fun.  

You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you’ve started to take better care of yourself. Just do it. 

Ultimately you’ll start becoming healthier, more relaxed, more creatively spirited and more fun. You will benefit from these choices—and since you’ll likely be a lot more pleasant— others will benefit too. 

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