How we treat others is the best indictor of how we showcase to the world how we feel about ourselves. 

We are each in charge of our word choices, facial expressions, tone of voice and overall attitude.

It is through all of these choices that we instruct the world as to how we expect to be treated. When someone acts other than we may expect in any situation, it’s helpful to go back to the first line of this post and understand that their less than welcome or undesirable response – in the moment – reflects how they are currently feeling about themselves and/or their circumstances.

Once we really process the validity of this as an emotional truism, it becomes harder to stay angry at people. They can’t even really disappoint us, because we can see and understand that they’re stuck someplace they’d also probably rather not be but they can’t figure out how to get out.

None of this is to say we need to jump into an abyss with them, nor condone an objectionable behavior without speaking up directly. But, maybe this knowledge can help us recognize any trap before we stumble in and possibly say or do something that we, too, might regret. More so, if we take the high-road, perhaps our choice might also serve as a ramp to lift the other up. That would be a good thing.

That’s what I’m thinking about. 

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