Self esteem which is really confidence or faith in oneself starts and builds whenever we decide to honestly audit the assortment of our emotions that tend to be most omnipresent. 

If we actually risked taking an emotional inventory what we’d likely find is the same emotions we feel towards others are the comparable to those we actually project upon ourselves.

For example, if we’ve been told we’re judgmental or critical of others, it’s quite likely, we spend a fair amount of time judging or critiquing a variety of aspects of ourselves as well.  

It is only by choosing to reset our thoughts towards others that we can actually see ourselves in a gentler light.  

Changing emotional patterns involving the urge to criticize or judge others isn’t easy—but here’s an effective strategy: Before slipping into criticizing, stop and shift the focus to yourself. Kindly make a list of all your wonderful traits. Name ten or more. After you do this, see if you still have the urge to be critical of the other. If yes, (doubtful) try naming ten things you like about them first. IF you can’t name at least ten things—they shouldn’t matter to you anyway. If you can, you’ll probably have reframed your thinking and are ready to cut them some slack.

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