I was recently looking though a book published in 1908 that is filled with guessing games. Each truly reminded me of a wonderful era gone by. In this game, the answer for each question is a single word that ends in “age.”  Since games of all kinds keep minds sharp…See how many you can guess!

  • What age will people reach if they live long enough?  (Dotage)
  • A necessary attribute of a soldier? (Courage)
  • The age required at sea? (Tonnage)
  • What age is neither more nor less? (Average)
  • What is the age of profanity? (Damage)
  • At what age will vessels ride safely? (Anchorage)
  • What age is the age of communication? (Postage)
  • What age is most important to travellers? (Mileage)
  • What is the most popular age for charity? (Coinage)
  • What age is shared by a doctor and a thief? (Pillage)
  • What age do we all wish for? (Homage)
  • What age is served for breakfast? (Sausage)
  • What is the most indigestible age? (Cabage)
  • What age belongs to travelers? (Luggage)
  • What age signifies the farmer? (Tillage)
  • What do many seek in their personal relationships? (Marriage)
  • What age is an indication of wealth? (Acreage)
  • What age is unfrayed and smooth? (Selvage)
  • What age is used in turkey stuffing? (Sage)
  • What age do a number of people enjoy in common? (Village)

How many did you guess?

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