Happiness is an internal affair. 

We’re all walking a tightrope in life: Focusing forward, trying not to look down, doing our best to maintain balance with our emotions. By choosing to notice positives in the world and  others, we all feel happier, we think and perform better. Physical health improves, as well as our sense of well-being. Our relationships improve as does communication. Our experience of life gets better. Happiness improves by choosing to see good, which is everywhere, if we choose to see it. None of this implies putting our heads in the sand: Instead it is about viewing solutions by realizing most people are good and  together we can make things good and  right. Imagine a world if we could each spend more time noticing “good”: Complimenting the good in others and  rejoicing about good whenever we observe it. 

PS: This is a very rare, pose-practicing selfie grabbed in the bathroom, taken in the middle of a photo shoot. Somehow a selfie seemed like the appropriate kind of photo to accompany an essay on happiness which starts with loving oneself first, so we can truly begin to love one another. Keen eyes will note the more eye-capturing pocketbook in the bidet and the half roll of toilet paper. 😉

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