I was recently interviewed by a remarkable interviewer. During our discussion, he opined that I might be having a “midlife crisis.”  I chuckled knowing that in one form or another that’s been suggested to me repeatedly since I was about 18 years old!  And, because I am a firm believe that we never know which day the second half of our lives has actually begun, I’ve never taken offense by such a suggestion. Rather, I’ve quite understood that my life choices — particularly my career choices — might seem convoluted without deeper exploration into my personal history.

So here, keeping it high-level brief, I’m going to try to tie it together: Prior to starting an investor relations and public relations firm over 26 years ago,  (at age 35…and I’m now 62)  I worked in private practice as a hypnotherapist, with a health science degree. (During these past three decades I continued to privately work with select people.) The entire time I was in very active practice, all of my clients came to me because they wanted to learn how to better manage stress. Many were under severe stress as the majority of my clients were facing death from cancer, diabetes, lupus or HIV – AIDS.  These clients were mostly referred to me by a medical group of doctors and much of my work involved pre-surgical stress management. Others came from my television appearances on Sally Jessy Raphael, Gordon Elliot, Rolanda Watts and 10101WINS news — where I was regularly appearing as a guest to wrap up the issues addressed on the shows.

So now, in light of this “disclosure” — maybe you now see why I focus on healthy living, better leadership, learning to manage emotions in all situations, stress management and more. It’s my DNA makeup: Science, psychology, philosophy — and all add up to The Who I am and What I do.

I can’t shelve parts. I come to every situation with a wholistic perspective — whether it’s a business or personal crisis. My goal is to acknowledge the emotions and get to the calm and clarity as smoothly, efficiently and quickly as possible. With that…I’ll close with “To be continued!”

This is Silver Disobedience™ #philosophy I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience