Can you wiggle your nose? How about your ears? I’m of the Bewitched era and I remember growing up with Samantha the Witch who could wiggle her nose. My Father could wiggle his ears. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to do either. ✨ I accept this.  I’m not less happy because I cannot do either — even though I think it would have been cool if I ever could have figured out how to isolate whatever muscles make these feats possible. ✨ Concentrate as I might — it was just something beyond my ability. ✨ I share this not because nose or ear wiggling are that important in the scheme of life — though both are entertaining.  Rather, my point is that I’ve developed plenty of other entertaining skills — as have you. ✨ Sometimes it’s tempting to reflect and lament about what we couldn’t or didn’t do. We forget to give credit for all that we did and still can do. Today is a good day to remind yourself of all that you do just fine. All that you do really well.  All that you’ve worked on and mastered. All that you can share and teach others.  Own it.  Forget about the stuff that stumped you— unless you want to commit the time and effort to learning it. You’re doing OK. More than fine, I bet. Give yourself a high five and a hug!✨

Lots of love,

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