Today is All or Nothing Day. Who knew? Well, now that we do all know, let’s look at the two sides of that coin. 

“All or nothing” means that either:

a) We will accept no less than everything 


b) We are willing to risk everything to get what we want

Now I am not going to tell you to rush out and celebrate All or Nothing Day. I think such a suggestion could be more than a bit irresponsible. But I will suggest that it might be worthwhile to spend some time thinking about both definition a and b.

Are there areas in your life or within your closest relationships where you could be getting more of something you want that would make either more rewarding?

Are you equally willing to risk whatever ego, sense of control or something else that is possibly required to get whatever it is you want?

I like the idea of all or nothing conceptually. It’s very libertarian at its core — and I don’t say that in the political, but rather philosophical sense of maximizing autonomy and authority over our individual responsibility to develop our personal greatness to our maximum capacity.  It puts a big part of our life satisfaction squarely back on our own shoulders, removing any finger pointing or blaming of others for circumstances. 

Just a deep little something I’m thinking about today…thanks to #AllorNothing Day

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