Growing up we are largely divided into the Peter Pans who never want to grow up or those who claim that they can’t wait. Regardless of which camp we were in in our youth, we grow up. Time and experiences do that to us. Adulthood arrives with all kinds of responsibilities that force us to go way beyond ourselves. Caring for others, work, and all that accounts for daily life, ever changing and unpredictable with each decade. 

Along the way we feel pulled as we fulfill responsibilities of adulthood. Wanting to express ourselves we’re sometimes conflicted. Deeply desiring to show the world who we are and what we have to offer. Some struggled to find these paths, others appeared to have walked along finding their direction more easily. 

Hopefully, long before we are facing our final days, we embrace our birthright of self-expression. It’s long been rooting…ready to come to the surface. Ideally, we’ve become comfortable with allowing ourselves to blossom and express all that we are. Our years have served us well as the longing to release all that we’ve contained turns to reflective contemplation of who we are and where we fit into the big scheme of life.  

We bloom with the knowledge we’ve gained from a lifetime and begin to come into the heart of who we are:  Realizing it’s ok to relax and just be. 

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