Wine is cheered for aging well, so why don’t we appreciate the same features in people? Whether you imbibe or not, let’s look at some wine terms and imagine instead we were describing our finely aged personalities. 

“Complex” simply means that when you encounter it, the flavor changes from the moment you taste it through to the moment you swallow. “Creamy” is the phrase associated with famous, very expensive wines and champagnes because they are smooooth. “Crisp” is uncomplicated and effortless, and would add the fun to a picnic on a hot summer day. “Elegant” resembles a former ballerina whose movements still reflect years of practicing finesse. A “Flamboyant” wine is trying to get your attention with an abundance of fruit. “Hint of…” implies a blend of characteristics that might be all over the place and even contradicting. “Intellectually Satisfying” is used to described wines that are rare, expensive and maybe a bit decadent. “Jammy” implies the wine is still a bit sticky-sweet and is reminiscent of a good homemade jam or pie. “Juicy” is retaining childlike and youthful characteristics, as in grape juice versus wine. “Opulent” is old-school rich, smooth and bold—all at the same time. “Refined” means less is more. “Silky” is a relaxed personality that could be compared to sliding into a comfy bed. “Unoaked” would describe those of us who are a still a bit tart and snappy—which could imply we’ve maintained or developed a very sharp sense of humor. And those of us who are “Velvety” just pour ourselves into whatever we’re doing with unmistakable swagger like Jagger. (Thanks to WineFolly for helping me with some of these descriptors!) 

Whether you drink or not, which positively delicious phrases would you use to describe your Silver Disobedience® self? 

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