Age is such an abstract concept. It’s hard to grasp in so many ways. Our years have proven that we can overcome challenges and not only tackle but still thrive through all sorts of experiences. The good, bad and ugly.  Each moment contributed to helping us shed insecurities and we see (maybe with a little help from glasses!) more clearly who we’ve become and are. Yet the confusing or maybe disorienting part of age comes when we “face” the mirror. Sometimes it is downright shocking — especially if I happen to catch a glimpse in the mirror when my head is upside down to dry my hair and my whole face looks like it’s twinning with a pug dog! Startled, I stop and remember that appearances are deceiving. They don’t and often won’t necessarily match up with the 18 year old that’s still compelling and calling me to play, try, challenge, fight and  just doesn’t give quite the damn it once did at other times.  

And you know what?  It’s all good. 

I see the wrinkles, the dents, the scars, the grays, the gaps.  All the inevitable changes that years of life bring to those of us lucky enough to accept them with grace.  I also see a face I recognize. I know her. Yes, she still surprises me…startles me sometimes, too. But the familiarity gives me peace. 

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience also known as an Attitude Adjuster & Disrupter who cannot resist questioning the status quo. Modeling info @WilhelminaModels