Lunch is over. And right on cue, here comes the slump. You may be craving something sweet to pick you up. Why? Natalie Butler, a registered dietician, contributed an article to mindbodygreen that breaks down why people crave sweets after a meal, stating: “It’s out of habit, you don’t eat enough, you eat too fast, or you’re eating too many quick-absorbing carbs.” Many people want to try to figure out their cravings and why they feel low on energy after eating, especially if consuming not-so-good, processed, sugary foods.

How many times have you tried and tried again to not give into your cravings, and your will power simply diminishes? You ask yourself, Why didn’t I just take a walk? And then you tell yourself you will try again tomorrow. Instead of having this daily battle, reach for something that has the flavor to satisfy a sweet tooth – and one that not only has health benefits but also should be consumed daily— without any added guilt!

Ever heard of cocoa flavanols? If not, you might want to listen up because this powerful plant-based nutrient found in natural cocoa beans could be your new, afternoon ritual. Cocoa flavanols have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels, helping deliver the oxygen and nutrients that vital organs, such as your heart and brain, need to perform at their best.​

Before you start thinking this is a free pass to eat unlimited amounts of ordinary chocolate, you need to know two things. First, many flavanols are destroyed in the conventional process of making chocolate, eliminating many of the health benefits. Second, chocolate is high in calories and sugar. Thankfully, there is CocoaVia™, a cocoa flavanol supplement that comes in two forms which could be a delicious, nightly staple for you. CocoaVia™ powdered drink mixes come in four delicious flavors, providing 450mg of cocoa flavanols with only 20 calories per serving. You can get creative and mix it in your preferred milk (nut-based or dairy) and serve warm to give it a hot chocolate feel or cold for that chocolate milk taste. If you are looking for more of a crunch, check out goodnessKNOWS® snack squares which boosts 150mg of cocoa flavanols and only 150 calories.

Whichever form you decide, cocoa flavanols have shown to be beneficial to your body; the key is to take it daily! That’s great news (and relief) for those who thought they had to eliminate their post-lunch satisfaction! “Choc” it up to CocoaVia™!

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