We know we’re a member of the SilverDisobedience squad when we stop listening to what people say and instead pay attention to what they do. We’re more guided by the proverbial “Actions speak louder than words.”

Our years have toughened us up in the right way by helping us to become less judgmental of mere words so that when someone says something that could be perceived as a slight against us or a wrong— we can breathe and know that our sense of self is strong enough so that we resist lambasting another, forgetting and obliterating all the things they’ve done right.

Valuing our time, many of us are peaceful alone with ourselves while also preferring to spend it with those who know us dearly and still love us for who we are — while they keep us laughing at our insecurities and doubts. Even if we don’t see our true friends often enough due to distance or time constraints, just thinking about their existence immediately gives us a sense of joy.

Confidence has grown inside our hearts helping us to know that what is right for ourselves is good enough. In fact, defining what we like about who we are and accepting it is quite an achievement.

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