You can achieve the unachievable. Here’s proof: Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Garcia & Frank Sinatra were not born with microphones in their mouths. Neil Armstrong walked on a floor way before walking on the moon. Coco Chanel was the child of an unmarried laundress. Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Lionel Messi, Billie Jean King, Peggy Flemming and the thousands of other athletes that have awed us practiced their ways to greatness. Born blind, Helen Keller changed the way we view disabilities along with her teacher Anne Sullivan who introduced the world to sign language. The founder of Apple was put up for adoption at birth: The Jobs’ gave him a name and home that did not have a computer in it upon his arrival. Dyslexic Richard Branson began his business foray at 17 in a church writing a magazine called Student. Howard Shultz drank milk like the rest of us long before holding his first Starbucks coffee. Sidney Sheldon dropped out of school during the depression— yet went on to write I Dream of Jeannie, The Patty Duke Show + countless best-selling books like The Other Side of Midnight. He wasn’t born with a pen in his hand nor was Jane Austen who’s books written around 1813 are still storylines of Hollywood blockbusters.  Likewise, JK Rowling invented Harry Potter & she wasn’t born magically at Hogwarts. John Wayne wasn’t born riding a horse into the sunset. Marie Curie wasn’t born in a lab discovering radium and plutonium—both of which continue to impact modern medicine & science. Sonjourner Truth escaped slavery and went on to preach about abolition & the right for women to vote. Botanist George Washington Carver, also born into slavery, invented alternatives to cotton crops & ways to prevent the depletion of nutrients in soil.

People every day prove we can achieve the unachievable. Our military forces rebuild towns after natural disasters. Brave firefighters enter burning buildings, saving strangers. Teachers work all day, giving up evenings to correct essays so we can learn to better express ourselves. And, all the parents, caregivers, relatives, grandparents & others that raise thoughtful, caring, confident people, while coping with challenges of daily living.

We can each achieve our own personal definition of the unachievable at any age. Opportunities present themselves every day. Stay on the lookout in this world of opportunity.

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