So yesterday while driving back from a road trip and doing a FaceTime call with a client…I noticed some serious neck wrinkles. I’ll admit: “Damn” was my first thought. My next? I chuckled as I began wondering what my life would be like if I didn’t have my neck. You see, this is a game I play whenever I feel less grateful about any aspect of my Life. I try to imagine my life without whatever it is that I’m complaining about… 

Now back to the Game… I wondered: How would I find myself? Would I be able to think? Considering how often I lose my glasses, can’t find a pen when I want one, regularly dig into the abyss of my purse hoping to find a lipstick — I gravely considered the consequences of not having a neck.  

Next, I silently contemplated suggestions from well-meaning others that I could go “get it tighten up.” Certainly an option, but then, I’d have to “face” the potential consequences of an unnecessary surgery.  Having worked in the healthcare/medical device/pharma world for many years — I am full-aware of the many risks on pamphlet inserts, that are oft ignored, but are nonetheless still great. I further realize, that if I were to be one of the “rare 1%” that has a “side effect,” which would actually be an “effect” or result of my choice… then I would be 100% left with a problem. 

So: Neck wrinkles it is for me. And if I decide I don’t like em? I can always pull out the old-school model neck tape that I sometimes wear on set — which is always good for a laugh from the young guns…  Or I could play with a social media filter because illusion can be quite entertaining… Or I’ll find some neck strengthening exercises to do… Or… Maybe, I’ll just hold my head up straight, high and proud — as we all should — and be grateful that I have a neck that holds up my head in the first place. 

Love to you all,

Crinkle Neck Dian 😉