Trying to eliminate the word “should” from our vocabulary regarding ourselves and our recommendations to others is a good idea. But, the thing is, we want to do this without replacing should with “ought” or “You better.”  Should is an unproductive word that is nothing less than self-flagellation or a thinly veiled attempt to lash out at another in a way that lacks direct communication.

Our lives will be what we make them. As such, the quicker we focus on actually doing what needs to get done, or letting it go instead of should-ing on ourselves for not doing it, the more real life gets. 

Also, when it comes to relating with others, instead of making should suggestions, it would be far more honest to be direct in our communication as in owning our thoughts  with communication statements more like:  “I think you are…” If we reframed our shoulds that are directed towards others this way, we might think twice before sharing our opinion.  

We either need to do or accept that we do not want to do. There is nothing in between except an honest decision.

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